Education serves as a catalytic agent towards creating a new World order India. Education system apart from ensuring knowledge, skills and appropriate attitudes assures quality and sets standards in moral and ethical values education also ensures social equity and justice among other positive things. While we recognize the need to maintain highest standards imparting education and training, we should need to meet minimum challenges and requirements towards committing ourselves to international demands and expectations. Introduction of the choice-based credit system is one single effort towards meeting the global challenges.

Designing courses and curricula, the meeting the requirements of a new World order, providing vertical mobility and horizontal mobility, ensuring through formal/semi-formal systems and additional courses are some of the efforts aimed at.

A consolidation and revamping of all academic efforts is not only warranted but also appear necessary to move forward.

It is quite evident to seek greater autonomy while designing course content and curricula. It is our endeavour to make our college an autonomous college.

Human resources reserve is very precious. It will be our earnest desire to train and develop young minds to meet challenges in every walk of life and to contribute in every way to make India not only a knowledge superpower but also global leader