B.com., General

Main - Commerce

Allied - (i) Business Economics,(ii) Indian economy (iii) Business Statistics & Operation Research

Elective - (i)Income Tax (ii) Law and Practice I & II (iii) Human Resource (iv) Management

B.sc., Comp.Sci (CO-Education).

Main - Computer Science

Allied - (i) Mathematics (ii) Statistics.

Elective - Business and Office Apllications I - Visuval Programming II - Object Oriented Analysis and Design III-Software Engineering.

B.C.A (Co-Education)

Main - Computer Science

Allied - (i) Mathematics.,(ii) Financial Accounting

Elective - (I) - Visual Programming (II)Object Oriented Analysis and Design (III) Multimedia Systems

B.A. English Lit. Co-Education

B.com., Acc.,& Fin (Co-Education)