Coat Of Arms


The rising sun at the top of the shield stands for Power. In the left corner the enshrined portion of the Pachaiyappa’s Buildings with classical pillars. In the right corner the ever burning torch of Knowledge. The Lotus – sacred symbol of Hindus – occupies the rest of the shield. Below is the often quoted maxim, “MENS AGITAT MOLEM” [Mind Moves Matter.]


Colouring Scheme

The Sun : Emits Golden yellow with a tinge of red.

College : Set in White in a background of light green.

Torch : The Flame is in a bright scarlet, the handle is in rich golden yellow, the rays shining in pleasing red and the wordings engraved in flawless white.

Knowledge : It is represented by white with grey background

Lotus : Scarlet Petals bloomed with leaves of mellifluous green amidst the opal blue water with streaks of greenish blue – all set in a background of silver white.

Border : Drawn in black

Motto : Letters are engraved in white set in a background of pleasing green with violet or black bordering.