Code of Conduct

1. Every student shall wear clean and suitable clothing that would mark him as a cultured person
2. Every student shall salute the Professors on the occasion of his first meeting for the day within the college premises
3. When any official authority visits the college, the students at work in any class room shall stand up as soon as he or she enters it.
4. When the Professor of the hour enters the class-room the student shall stand, and remain standing till they are desired to sit or the Professor takes his seat.
5. No student, shall leave the class room without the permission of the member-in-charge of the class or until the class is dismissed.
6. Students who have no classes to attend during any particular hour on a working day, shall go to the reading room.
7. Students shall not take part in any agitation directed against the authority or Government or engage themselves prominently in any public movement with which it is undesirable that persons in statue pupillary should be associated with.
8. In regard to all matters not specified in the above rules students shall aim at conducting themselves in good manner thoroughly worthy of the alumni of the college and of the University and in harmony with the best traditions of our life and culture.
9. Cases of improper behavior or default in the matter of payment of college fees or fines will be dealt with such disciplinary action as the Principal may deem fit.
10. The Principal may frame and issue from time to time, disciplinary rules of a permanent or temporary character regulating the conduct both inside and outside the college precincts of students on the rolls that might seem necessary to maintain the integrity and reputation of the college.
11. The Principal shall have full powers to inflict the following punishments in the interests of the students of the institution : Fines, loss at attendance, loss of term certificate, suspension and expulsion.