The department is supported by faculty member Dr. S. Indumathi and a Laboratory assistant. The department has got basic infrastructure laboratory with necessary facilities like compound Microscopes, dissection microscopes. The course provides a strong foundation with Basic zoology for life science background students admitted in chemistry  and is well integrated with the current trends and advanced technologies which equip students with job-oriented skills required by the Biochemical industry and also help them to pursue a higher degree in interdisciplinary subject as a research by choosing  allied zoology as a elective course.  Students acquire sound knowledge on animal diversity , basic human  Physiology, Genetics, Anatomy, immunology etc. Students are encouraged to undergo practical courses to nourish their scientific knowledge.

Department have paid way for the students who has a background in biology as one of the subject in 12std and  guided the students to take up then add on course in Medical laboratory techniques  and many have placed in different medical testing lab.


To explore, enlight and evolve our knowledge that augument the biological human nature.


To impart knowledge and driven a deep passion of understanding and conservating the incredible diversity of animals

To seek a meaningful contribution to zoological science and it’s relation with other disciplines

To ignite the inquisitive minds into interdisciplinary research areas

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